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We make things fun again

Multiple Platform Marketing

Enjoy Multi-Platform sharing and be REWARDED

Multiple Platform Marketing is the new frontier-
The successful outcome where everyone has fun and benefits from fast-growing consumption ecosystem, driven by new internet technologies

GAME in the App

Addictive game-play, redeem products and earn bonuses

SHOP and Earn

Enjoy shopping for high quality products and services from the company and our partners

One Application. Simplify. Spark.

Express Yourself in LIVE

Whatever your skills and aspirations, LIVE allows you to share and earn plaudit, gifts and bonuses 


Share important and uplifting messages and moments with friends in your network. Chat brings relationships to the next level

Ultimate Washing Machine

You are in good hands with our Revolutionary Advance Washing Film, invented with German technology

Laundry is part of our life, 98% of our time
Why sacrifice your health, time and money on inferior and outdated products 
From our regional base in Southeast Asia, together with our members and customers we will open new frontiers
The world is truly our oyster!