Sharing x Fun x Exponential x Digitalisation 

Success in the New Economy

Turn Your Phone Into 
World Teller Machine

Earn As You Play In Just ONE APP


Anyone can enjoy the social media, games and live broadcast function platform for personal consumption
And, just like Starbucks Free Coffee for 3 referral program, or Uber’s Cash for Referral program, the more people and products you share, the more you benefit.


Our proprietary App with addictive game play and fun Live broadcast promises a whole new way to drive traffic and, through it all, build lasting residual income.
What’s more, the people you introduce also have fun enjoying attractive 100% consumer rebate program.


The multi-platform system offered by Zing+ allows you to enjoy multiple sources of income. You can perform your way into the hearts of audiences, or share goodness of products and services.
What’s more, as the group expands rapidly into new countries around the world, you reap the benefits of exponential audiences. 



Our system of 3S - System (great App), Speed (of execution), Simplicity helps to attract new members and in the process help our existing members to capture pages, build lists, conduct internet marketing, leverage the power of social media, automated sales funnels.
What’s more, our open-merchant e-commerce system helps to drive an ecosystem in which consumption-referral-rewards cycle is perpetual.