Stylish. Simple. Lighter. Cleaner.

All in one laundry care
Look and feel cool using it
Form factor

Small, Light and Convenient

  • Easy to Carry, each film weights only 4g with thickness of 0.1cm
  • _
  • Each pack of 30 films weigh 120g, equivalent to the weight of an iPhone 6
Deep cleanse

As Clean As New

Stronger laundry wash
Combination of laundry powder or liquid detergent, laundry softener and disinfectant

Easy to rinse

Save Time, Save Water

Zing+ Advanced Washing Film fully dissolves in seconds
Zing+ Advanced Washing Film cleans in one wash
ph neutral

Tender to Your Skin and Clothing

Zing+ Advanced Washing Film is neutral pH, gentle to your clothing and skin
Zing+ Advanced Washing Film will take a step further, to take care of your health

Safe and Environment Friendly

Phosphorus - Free
No Fluorescent Whitening Agent
A Better Place for You and Your Family to live in